A puzzle-derived serial by Greg R. Fishbone

In July of 2021, a wizard cursed Wordler Village and its surrounding REALM. Each morning, a Wordler is chosen to quest for a Word of Protection to hold off certain destruction for one more day.

In our own world, the Wordlers serial, written by Greg R. Fishbone, is being inspired by daily prompts from the Wordle puzzles of the New York Times. Each morning, Greg uses his Wordle guesses to generate a new character with which to advance the ongoing plot.

Together, these episodes create an unpredictable mosaic storyline where disaster is always one failed puzzle away.

Digital Collectibles

Rough-cut Main Sequence episodes of Wordlers are being posted to Greg.Cent.co on a free-to-mint and gas-free basis.

Up to 888 collectible tokens of the most recent episode can be minted to the Polygon blockchain while supplies last. Special Edition NFTs, also free-to-read, are periodically offered at a nominal price.

Collectors who miss a daily mint may find previous releases for sale in the OpenSea marketplace. As with any collectible, prices are determined by agreement between buyers and sellers.

Wordler Seasons


A Record-Breaking Genesis Project

“Wordle Quest” is a 40-episode “sandbox season” of Wordlers that ran from Day 353 to Day 392, fleshing out the style and format of the series while establishing the base of its lore.

The collection, including associated essays and bonus material, clocks in at nearly 21,000 tokens minted by over 3,000 wallet holders. This OG Wordle Quest Collection reigns supreme as the world’s largest known collection of literary NFTs.

Tragedy befell Wordler Village on Day 388, when the author missed the Wordle answer (NIGHT), and that day’s character correspondingly failed to supply the REALM with its necessary Word of Protection.

The immediate aftermath of this destruction is chronicled in…


Releasing daily, September 1st through 23rd.

In NIGHTfall, Wordler Village was destroyed, the Villagers were scattered to other lands as refugees, imigrants, and explorers. And yet, no matter how far they travel from their cursed homeland, agents of the curse continue to choose a new Wordler each day from among the survivors.

This storyline will lead directly into…


Releasing daily, scheduled for an October 1st start.

People You’ll Meet

Village society is made up of humans, vampires, zombies, Subterraneans, and were-cats. You’ll also meet wizards, GIANTs, aliens, and politicians. Very often, the protagonist of a new story is a character we’ve never seen before and might not see again, but there are some notable recurring characters.

  • The Word Wizard and Gray Lady are the main villains behind the curse.
  • Wordler 388, in her undead skeletal form, has become an agent of the curse.
  • Wordlers 367, 372, and 373 are members of the QUEEN’s Advisory Council, and will be taking on post-NIGHTfall leadership roles.
  • In the City, keep an eye out for the candidates in a three-way election and their respective supporters.
  • In the Land of GIANTs, keep an eye out for Fritta and Zen.
  • And at the Del Fenwickian border, don’t let your guard down around Captain Glover.

A guide to the fiftyish characters introduced in the wordleQUEST storyline can be found here.


WORDLEplex side-chains will allow other authors to collaborate on tokenized stories that extend each Wordlers episode in the main sequence into its own story universe.

The first WORDLEplex story is NIGHTvision, which extends the Day 388 story, NIGHT, by providing additional details, character development, and worldbuilding. Minted to five blockchains and six minting platforms, the NIGHTvision story is the most widely deployed literary NFT ever released.


Each day’s Main Sequence episode of Wordlers is built from a five-letter Word. These same words can be used by anyone as a prompt for writing, poetry, or artwork.

Tag your creations with #WordleQuest so they can be found and enjoyed by your fellow Wordlers.

A list of September prompts can be found here.