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1611 KJV Bible Collection

The world’s most widely published book is now indestructible too.

In 1604, King James I commissioned a new English language edition of the Christian Bible. The King James Version, or KJV, would go on to shape the English-speaking world and become the most widely printed book in history.

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal is pleased to release the first series of decentralized books drawn from scans of the 1611 first edition of this monumentally important volume.

Other projects have their “genesis drops,” but only this one has dropped an actual 400-year-old copy of Genesis.

Smart-Book Features

Cryptoversal has taken painstaking care in preparing these meaningful and important books. Printed copies degrade over time, even for the world’s most widely published book, but this distributed edition and its immutable ownership records are designed to last for an eternity.

Bestowed by Blockchain Angels

The distribution tokens for The 1611 KJV Bible Collection are Blockchain Angels designed by the Artist Known as Cryptoversal. As more books in the series are released, more of these collectible Angels will appear.

Common Angels deliver a single volume while rare Golden Angels deliver the entire collection. Each new book of The 1611 KJV Bible Collection will be airdropped to the then-current holders of every outstanding Golden Angel.

Production Credits

Project Editor

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal (they/them) combines angelic iconography with classic texts in a decentralized space. Their “genesis collection” of Blockchain Angels rewards NFT holders with airdrops of innovative smart-books from Cryptoversal Books, a premiere crypto-first publisher and bookish community.

Minting Partner

PageDAO and WIP Publishing have brought a fully decentralized publishing stack to market, producing NFT Books that can combine digital text, audio, and print components compatible with any EVM-based Web3 architecture. With IPFS immutable storage, these digital assets can endure indefinitely, retain full censorship resistance, and provide secondary sales royalties.


OpenSea is the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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