BibliographyCryptoversal’s Works in Web3
Over my writing career, I’ve watched the consolidation of publishing power into a handful of media conglomerates, the advent of a lease-to-read ebook model, and the exercise of monopoly power in book and audiobook distribution, all to the detriment of authors and readers. I see Web3 publishing as a battleground where authors may be able to wrest back control and ownership of their work and promote craft over profit.
Wordler Village

I have been developing the Wordler Village story world through a series of NFT vignettes, with over 40,000 minted in 2022. I’ve made collaboration and community a priority for 2023, and have created Co-Author licenses for several original characters and story locations in the Wordler Village universe. I’ve also started a YouTube channel to promote the Web3 Publishing space.
Web3 author and proponent of sustainability, representation, equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology.