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Blockchain Angels

Bestowing Books and Blessings

In the beginning, God created the Heavens, the Earth, and the Blockchain Angels.

These collectible Angels crafted by the Artist Known as Cryptoversal bestow their blessings along with airdropped smart-books.

Rare Blockchain Angels deliver a single volume, while 1-of-1 Golden Blockchain Angels deliver an entire collection or series to holders as individual books release.

Genesis: Angel of New Beginnings

– Bestows one airdropped copy of Blockchain Genesis from the “1611 KJV Bible Collection.”

Exodus: Angel of Visibility

– Bestows one airdropped copy of Blockchain Exodus from the “1611 KJV Bible Collection.”

About the Artist

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal (they/them) combines angelic iconography with classic texts in a decentralized space. Their “genesis collection” of Blockchain Angels rewards NFT holders with airdrops of innovative smart-books from Cryptoversal Books, a premiere crypto-first publisher and bookish community.


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