Cryptoversal Gutenberg
The First Blockchain Vulgate
The Cryptoversal Gutenberg is the first decentralized Bible and one of the earliest books of any kind to be minted to a blockchain and linked to a decentralized storage network. Only twelve copies were minted in the original Christmas 2021 print run of ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon PoS blockchain in the PageDAO ReadMe Collection.
Other Gutenberg editions have been minted in the ensuing years, most notably the 2022 Book.io Gutenberg Bible collection on the Cardano blockchain, but the Cryptoversal Gutenberg will always be the oldest, rarest, and most complete of the Blockchain Vulgates.
Where Can I Find It?
One of the 12 original 2021 Cryptoversal Gutenbergs on Polygon is available through the OpenSea and Rarible marketplaces. This includes all 1284 scanned pages of a Gutenberg Bible presented as an unencrypted decentralized flipbook.
The 2022 Book.io Gutenberg Bible collection of 10,000 editions on Cardano is available through the JPEG Store marketplace. These each include 70 scans plus the remaining 1200+ unscanned pages of Latin text presented as an encrypted decentralized book viewable through the Book.io dApp.
Legend tells of a secret Optimistic edition of the Cryptoversal Gutenberg, minted in early 2023 from the same wallet as the original on an experimental PageDAO-based minter. Those who complete an arduous challenge may be rewarded with a copy...or so the sages claim.
How Can I Get Involved?
The Cryptoversal Gutenberg is the patronage token for the Cryptoversal Web3 literary ecosystem. Patrons receive ongoing rewards, recognition on future projects, and opportunities to guide future creative endeavors.
Collectible Tarot Card
Cryptoversal creates experimental literature at the intersection of authorship and technology. He is the founder of Cryptoversal Books, Literary Editor for Vagobond Magazine, and head of the Publishing Division at PageDAO.