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In 1454, at a print shop in Mainz, Johannas Gutenberg assembled a Latin Vulgate Bible that introduced Europe to the revolutionary moveable-type printing press. Gutenberg’s press produced books so quickly and uniformly that some in his day suspected him of witchcraft.

The 15th Century book that revolutionized print publishing now heralds another revolutionary leap: the start of the Cryptopublishing Era.

On Christmas of 2021, the Artist Known as Cryptoversal partnered with WIP Publishing and PageDAO to mint the first Gutenberg Bible to the blockchain. A volume consisting of 1284 full-color pages was fully decentralized and placed into an in-market reader interface for the very first time.

Auction details soon.

Smart-Book Features

Cryptoversal’s historic First Blockchain Vulgate allows its holders to share in a tradition of innovation that stretches back to Gutenberg’s workshop, back to the 4th Century translations of Saint Jerome, and back through Hebrew and Greek sources to the original Author of these verses.

Only 12 first-ever Gutenberg Bible NFTs were minted. Only one will be sold in any calendar year. Details of a 2022 auction are forthcoming.

Media Releases and Updates

Production Credits

Project Editor

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal (they/them) combines angelic iconography with classic texts in a decentralized space. Their “genesis collection” of Blockchain Angels rewards NFT holders with airdrops of innovative smart-books from Cryptoversal Books, a premiere crypto-first publisher and bookish community.

Minting Partner

PageDAO and WIP Publishing have brought a fully decentralized publishing stack to market, producing NFT Books that can combine digital text, audio, and print components compatible with any EVM-based Web3 architecture. With IPFS immutable storage, these digital assets can endure indefinitely, retain full censorship resistance, and provide secondary sales royalties.


OpenSea is the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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