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Inverted Homer NFTs

For stories lost along the way.

Homer is the traditionally ascribed author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two disconnected parts of a larger story, much of which has been lost to history.

Cryptoversal’s Inverted Homer NFT invites us to remember physical works that have degraded into oblivion, burned in accidental fires, or perished by the torches of history’s censors.

As you add smart-books to your crypto-library, your free Inverted Homer will stand in for all of history’s lost works that didn’t make it onto the blockchain in time to save them.

An NFT Freely Given to All

It’s not a sale. It’s not a promotion. It’s not a contest. You don’t have to like, join, or retweet anything, although your genuine friendship and interested following is always appreciated.

In a world of limited and unevenly distributed resources, having enough is a privilege, having enough to spare is beyond a privilege, and having wealth to invest in NFTs can be a dream beyond a dream.

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal believes that everyone deserves to have at least one piece of genuine art that they can call their own.

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Why Is Homer Relevant?

Modern scholars no longer believe that the Iliad and Odyssey of the classical Epic Cycle were composed by a single man named Homer. Instead, they describe a Homeric Tradition spread over hundreds of years. Our received text is just one version of many that were once remixed and recited at festivals by Homers young and old, large and small, male and female, gay and straight, dark-skinned and pale, sighted and visually impaired.

Homer is by everyone and for everyone, and the Homeric Tradition of transmitting old stories to new audiences is at the core of NFT books.

Why Is Homer Inverted?

The Iliad and the Odyssey are two disconnected parts of larger story that’s been broken, with large chunks of the original version lost to history. These two great stories of the Trojan War no longer include Amazon warriors, African Prince Memnon, or that whole business with the giant wooden horse.

Ink fades. Paper degrades. The Library of Alexandria burned to the ground. Wars, floods, book-munching insects, mold, mildew, and censorship have taken many volumes out of circulation while a labyrinthine publishing industry relegated countless unpublished manuscripts to desk drawers and dustbins.

Inverted Homer will sit beside your NFT collection as a stand-in for every spark of human expression that didn’t make it onto the blockchain in time to be preserved.

Get Yours

Inverted Homers are being given away by Homer’s Helpers. Active Homer’s Helpers currently include:

If you ask for one NFT, a Homer’s Helper give you two: one to hold and one to pass on to a friend.

If you have more than one friend, you may ask for as many Inverted Homers as you’d like, up to ten at a time. You’ll see any Inverted Homer NFTs you receive on your profile in the OpenSea marketplace, though sometimes they show up in the “Hidden” tab until you choose to display them.

Inverted Homer is yours to keep, to trade, to list for sale, or to use as the grand prize in your raffles. You just can’t make derivative works without permission.

Become a Giver

It feels good to receive an Inverted Homer. It feels even better to give them away. If you’d like to help distribute Inverted Homers, consider applying to become a Homer’s Helper.

Homer’s Helpers will each receive 100 Inverted Homers to give away and one uncommon Sepia Homer to keep.

Homer’s Helpers transfer two Inverted Homers to anyone who asks: for one to hold and one to give away. Homer’s Helpers can distribute up to ten NFTs to any one person who requests more than two. Transfers can be made from the Inverted Homer page on the OpenSea marketplace.

Hand these NFTs out at your own pace. Have fun with it. You are CryptoSanta and these are your stocking-stuffers!

Homer’s Helper Application


Your efforts as a Homer’s Helper are greatly appreciated. A Homer’s Helper who distributes one hundred Inverted Homers in compliance with these rules, as checked against the blockchain, with no more than ten given to any one person, will be awarded one Inverted Thelxinoë.

In the lore of Mythoversal Hellas, Thelxinoë was a Siren with a song too alluring for human ears. She assisted Homer in their travels but spoke only when they were alone, as the blind bard was the only mortal who could endure her voice without going mad. In private, Thelxinoë told Homer unimaginable tales.

A Homer’s Helper who earns an Inverted Thelxinoë may ask for another hundred Inverted Homers to distribute. Additional Inverted Thelxinoës will be awarded for each successfully completed batch.

Trade Up

Five Inverted Thelxinoës can be traded back to Cryptoversal Books for one uninverted Thelxinoë. So far, none have been earned, and none have been minted. Will you be the first to claim one?


About the Artist

The Artist Known as Cryptoversal (they/them) combines angelic iconography with classic texts in a decentralized space. Their “genesis collection” of Blockchain Angels rewards NFT holders with airdrops of innovative smart-books from Cryptoversal Books, a premiere crypto-first publisher and bookish community.


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