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On Christmas of 2021, I minted the complete Gutenberg Bible of 1284 full-color pages as my first NFT book. It is the first decentralized Bible and one of the earliest decentralized books of any kind to be minted to the blockchain. The Cryptoversal Gutenbergs pay tribute to Johannes Gutenberg’s Fifteenth Century print shop and the publishing revolution that shaped our modern world. The twelve rare and historic Cryptoversal Gutenbergs will be sold one at a time and will serve as the ultimate Patronage Tokens and mint passes for my ongoing work.
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Video patrons help defray the cost of producing video content for the Cryptoversal Crew YouTube Channel. By purchasing a Web3 Video NFT, you will earn a shout-out in future episodes released on the channel.
Cryptoversal Books
Cryptoversal Books
Web3 publisher and proponent of sustainability, representation, equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology. Cryptoversal Books is a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord, and endorses the Digital Public Goods Charter and Global Digital Rights Charter.