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Calls for Submissions

Cryptoversal plans to open a wide strategy in the emerging field of NFT smart-books, putting authors in front of collectors and readers on as many blockchains and in as many marketplaces as possible.

Current and potential future projects will be listed here. Questions are best addressed in the Cryptoversal Facebook group.

Open Submissions

Moonshot Collection

For Blockchain Pioneers

Cryptoversal Books has opened submissions for the initial cohort in its first series of NFT smart-books on the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain. Twelve pioneers will have their books minted through our minting partners, WIP Publishing and PageDAO, on a minter that’s not yet available to the general public.

Authors will receive 100 author copies and all secondary royalties on all copies sold or resold forever. In addition to their own book, authors will receive a complete set of all books published in their cohort collection.

Why Join Cryptoversal Books?

Beyond just publishing NFT books, we are building a community of visionary creators, providing educational resources, and advocating for eco-friendly formats and expansive creator rights in the emerging cryptopublishing industry.

We are looking to establish long-term publishing relationships centered on individual creators. Priority will be given to creators from marginalized backgrounds and stories told with authentic voices. Cryptoversal will not provide a platform for works that promote racism, misogyny, religious intolerance, or anti-LGBTQIA bigotry or intolerance.

Publishing Services

As we are not currently staffed to offer editorial and publishing services, books submitted for consideration for inclusion in the initial cohorts will need to be prepared to professional standards by their creators. These may be books that have been previously published or previously offered as reader magnets.

Over time, we expect to add developmental editors, copyeditors, production staff, marketing, and a rights department so that all creators can produce and develop the best possible forever editions of their books.

General Interest Form

We would be happy to add you to our mailing list to be informed of new calls for submissions as they become available.

Thank you for your interest. We are excited to see your work!

Cryptoversal spotlights milestone projects in the smart-book space, provides smart-book creators with educational resources, and advocates for eco-friendly formats and expansive author rights in the emerging cryptopublishing industry.

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