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E.R. Donaldson’s short story, DRACARI: Chronicles of Nethra, will be minting 140 copies with seven cover variants for free in February. Markus Frost and Skye Jensen, two former rebels fresh off of their tour on the losing side of the Colony Wars, need a way out-system. They turn to one of Markus’s old contacts: a rebel turned thief and smuggler for their golden opportunity. Yet, the job seems a bit too good to be true, and we all know how those situations turn out.
Marvel writer B. Earl presents RIGLAN: Protectors of the StoryVerse, a novel of 1001 copies with 141 cover variants, minting in early March for a mint price of 3 SOL. Stories are real, but they need protecting. When twelve-year old Riglan Lear discovers his family is from a long line of Story Protectors, he can’t wait to take up his role in the family business. But before he can pilot a massive mech or float down a chocolate river, his mother is kidnapped by a gang of Bad Ideas! Riglan and his grandma, along with his dad and his best friend Tarrah, are pulled into an adventure unlike any they could have imagined…and the entire StoryVerse hangs in th
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