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Today's authors are battling rising censorship, piracy, stagnant innovation, and corporate consolidations. Stories have been commoditized, devalued, and served up as ephemera on a lease-to-read basis. As a result, most authors struggle to survive and ebook readers retain nothing of lasting value.
Since 2021, I've been tinkering with books that can be used as keys to reader spaces or tickets to author events. Books that won’t vanish with a lost device, an unrenewed domain, a corporate bankruptcy, or a censor’s edict. Books that can be resold in markets that pay authors a royalty on used copies. Books that can be upgraded with alternate endings, multiple story paths, mini-games, multimedia elements, and other new features over time.
I founded Cryptoversal Books as a place where books are more than just static texts. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, we can create a future where authors can achieve their full creative potential and where readers can enjoy dynamic, interactive, immersive, and personalized literary journeys.
Cryptoversal creates experimental literature at the intersection of authorship and technology. He is the founder of Cryptoversal Books, Literary Editor for Vagobond Magazine, and head of the Publishing Division at PageDAO.