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Next Generation Ebooks
Heritage ebooks are broken. Their development has stagnated and the current lease-to-read model stifles creativity and places barriers between authors and their reader communities. Cryptoversal is committed to addressing the shortcomings of heritage ebooks by applying blockchain technologies and a Web3 aesthetic to digital publishing.
Our next-generation ebook format, the TokenBook, combines decentralized storage networks, privacy-guarding encryption, censorship- and piracy-resistant blockchains, and audited smart-contracts to create innovative features, reading experiences, and true ownership. Where heritage ebooks offer ephemeral content licensed to a single device, TokenBooks offer open, adaptable, and enduring digital heirlooms.
Heirloom TokenBooks
These early proof-of-concept TokenBooks draw from classic sources, reimagined for modern readers.
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The YEAR: A Subscription Token
This token celebrates the accomplishments of 2022, with holders receiving monthly rewards throughout 2023. Another End-of-the-Month Snapshot is coming up fast.
Crytoversal Books is not currently open to submissions, but get your books ready...
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Writing Prompts
Writing and Poetry Prompts are unlocked by a free PromptsPass, available from Unlock.
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Vision Statement
We are empowering our community to develop a creator economy that allows artists and writers to support themselves through their passions. We are allowing readers to hold ownership of heirloom-quality digital works that are meaningful to them. We are replacing corporate gatekeepers and middlemen with passionate curators and deeper connections between authors and their readers. We are following the ethos of decentralization and opposing all forms of oppression imposed by centralized powers or which are reliant upon centralized authorities. We prioritize environmental sustainability, diverse representation, a more equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology.
Tech Partners
PageDAO is a Web3 author’s guild that also develops and maintains an open-source book-minting platform for the benefit of its members.
Darkblock is a decentralized encryption/decryption protocol.
Arweave offers permanent decentralized storage.
MINTangible provides an on-chain licensing registry.
ThirdWeb provides and deploys audited smart-contracts.
Bonfire is a website host with Web3-enabled features.
Cent is a literary NFT publishing platform.
Unlock is a membership NFT protocol.
Cryptoversal Books
Cryptoversal Books
Web3 publisher and proponent of sustainability, representation, equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology. Cryptoversal Books is a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord, and endorses the Digital Public Goods Charter and Global Digital Rights Charter.