A Year in the Books
2022 was a foundational year for literature on the blockchain. Web3 poetry formed the vanguard. Web3 comics leveraged their link to the visual arts that have dominated the NFT space. Web3 magazines and multi-author collections debuted. And multiple platforms presented authors with publishing opportunities for Web3 books. Each platform evolved new features throughout the course of the year, and many pioneering works were minted.
As we entered 2023, Web3 Publishing was a hotbed of building, experimenting, and innovation. A Year in the Books debuted as Cryptoversal’s Genesis generative art collection, offered as a New Year’s gift to friends and early supporters. The mint will remain open to the public throughout the year, with monthly snapshots taken as the Web3 Publishing space progresses toward a larger celebration on New Year’s Day of 2024.
January Snapshot
The January Snapshot was taken at 5:01 AM UTC on January 30th, 2023. If you held a YEAR at that time, congratulations. Your NFT is now immutably linked on the blockchain, using the Darkblock protocol, to a decentralized video about 2022 in Web3 publishing.
February Snapshot
February Snapshot in...
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