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PFP of Greg
Greg R. Fishbone (aka Cryptoversal)
Who is Cryptoversal?
Cryptoversal is the founder of Cryptoversal Books, an innovator in the Web3 Publishing space since 2021 who is applying decades of experience earned in traditional publishing.
Who is Cryptoversal Really?
Cryptoversal’s self-doxxed identity is Greg R. Fishbone, author of The Penguins of Doom (Blooming Tree Press) and the Galaxy Games series (Tu Books and Spellbound River Press). His writings under the Cryptoversal pseudonym represent ongoing experiments in the format, structure, subject matter, and community features of Web3 technologies and culture.
Cryptoversal has been traditionally published and self-published, and served for 18 years as an Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Over his writing career, he’s watched the consolidation of publishing power into a handful of media conglomerates, the advent of a lease-to-read ebook model, and the exercise of monopoly power in book and audiobook distribution, all to the detriment of authors and readers. Today, he sees Web3 publishing as a final battleground for authors to wrest back control and ownership of their work and promote craft over profit.
PFP of Sylvie
Submissions Editor
Sylvie Bax
Who is Sylvie?
Sylvie Bax is a writer, poet and graphic artist living at the foot of the Cairngorms, in Scotland. She’s of Irish/Spanish/Moorish descent & writes about race, gender & mental health. Sylvie has been published widely in and around the literary community of Spain, the US, Ireland & publications championing creators of colour. Her mission is to help writers succeed as realistically as possible with genuine compassion & dignity.’
Cryptoversal creates experimental literature at the intersection of authorship and technology. By harnessing emergent technologies, we help authors achieve their full creative potential in a future where our readers can share ownership in dynamic, interactive, immersive, and personalized literary journeys.