Hey, Authors!
We believe that authors shouldn’t have to choose between traditional publishing and the emergent platforms of Web3 publishing. Instead, be thinking about how to incorporate Web3 into your general publishing plans, starting with a reservation of your Web3 publishing rights in any contract you sign, or a discussion with your agent about creating a Web3 publishing strategy.
At the moment, Web3 publishing is experimental. It’s a fun space and there are lots of useful skills to pick up but there’s not yet a mass of readership available to any of the platforms to make them profitable on an exclusive basis.
Publishing with Cryptoversal Books
We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions, but our Submissions Editor will be announcing an upcoming submissions window and requirements in the near future.
Web3 Publishing Elsewhere
We advocate for authors in the Web3 publishing space and are happy to share our experiences with various platforms in our Discord server. Talk to us.
Cryptoversal Books
Cryptoversal Books
Web3 publisher and proponent of sustainability, representation, equitable distribution of resources, and inclusive access to technology. Cryptoversal Books is a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord, and endorses the Digital Public Goods Charter and Global Digital Rights Charter.