A puzzle-derived serial by Greg R. Fishbone

On Zero Day, a wizard laid a curse on Wordler Village and its surrounding REALM. Each morning, a Champion is chosen to quest for a Word of Protection to hold off certain destruction for one more day.

The Wordler Village serial was created by Greg R. Fishbone, inspired by the online Wordle puzzles of the New York Times. Each morning, Greg’s Wordle guesses and imagination combine with generative technologies to send a new Champion to face the day’s adventures.

Each story is viewed through the lens of a different character. Together, they create an unpredictable mosaic storyline where disaster is always one failed puzzle away.

Digital Collectibles

Daily episodes of Wordlers are posted to Greg.Cent.co. Carbon-responsible Tokens can be minted on an

Up to 888 collectible tokens of the most recent episode can be “minted,” a process that electronically records them to an immutable blockchain registry. These episodic NFTs are free-to-read always, and free-to-mint while supplies last. Special Edition NFTs, also free-to-read, may be offered at a nominal price.

Collectors who miss a daily mint may find previous releases for sale in the OpenSea marketplace. As with any collectible, prices are determined by agreement between buyers and sellers.

Wordler Seasons


A Future Project of the Past

This legendary (and as-yet-unwritten) origin story of Wordlers would begin on Day Zero with a curse being laid upon Wordler Village by the Word Wizard. It would included the arrival of the mysterious Gray Lady and other events in the first 352 days of the Wordlers saga.

This epic sequence would lead directly into…

Wordle Quest

A Record-Breaking Genesis Project

“Wordle Quest” is a 40-episode “sandbox season” of Wordlers that ran from Day 353 to Day 392, fleshing out the style and format of the series while establishing the base of its lore.

At nearly 21,000 tokens minted by over 3,000 wallet holders, the OG Wordle Quest Collection reigns supreme as the world’s largest collection of literary NFTs that we know about.

Tragedy befell Wordler Village on Day 388, when the author missed the Wordle answer (NIGHT), and the daily Champion correspondingly failed to supply the REALM with its necessary Word of Protection.

The immediate aftermath of this destruction is chronicled in…


Releasing daily, starting on September 1st.

People You’ll Meet

  • Zombies
  • Shifters
  • Vampires
  • Wizards
  • Giants
  • …and a fair number of humans

Bonus Content

To view bonus content for holders of OG Wordle Quest Collection episodes, transfer your NFT to a non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, and connect it to Cryptoversal Books.

Using a compatible browser, you will be able to verify the NFT in your wallet to receive access to the bonus content.

This content is gated by an NFT.

Verify your ownership of one of these tokens to access this content.

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